I think about you, in the morning when i wake, when sharing laughs with friends, between the boredom and the cool moments spent with your dad, when i lay my head on my pillow and say a little prayer, i think about you always.

what would you have looked like, big eyes like mine or small asian looking ones like his, short and curvy or slim and tall like your daddy. would you laugh like me, love the same things i do, would you write like Dennis (your daddy), walk like Dennis, have the same passion and creativity Dennis has? OH how i wish i could meet you, even if only just once, hold you, feed you, tell you i love you.

It's funny cause we named you even before i knew i was pregnant, i guess you just had a really strong pressence. We were gonna call you April, i hope you would have liked that name.

 I was stupid, i made a selfish decision and i'm sorry. Trust this though, you will always be in my haert, thoughts of you will always fill my head, i will always carry with me the idea of who and what my little baby would have been.

I Love You