This is my fourth pregnancy and also my fourth childs father.I had sex with a guy named Tony on the first day i am now 5weeks pregnant and we have only been together a month. He asked if i was pregnant  with a smile on his face .. I told him yes. Then he said he didn't want a baby and told me he would help me with the abortion.I  told him I wasn't having an abortion. I havent heard from his since then. I know why this happened. last year my child's father ran me over with his truck while i  was pregnant and i told myself i would never forgive him. God im sorry for saying that I now forgive him I now know what it feels like to need forgiveness. i am scheduled for and abortion Monday..God please forgive me im in school i have 3 kids i have no help im only 22 this is almost too much too bare..forgive me father for i have sinned