My fiance and I have been doing premarital counseling. Sunday November 07, 2009 we got to finally set a real date for our wedding. It’s soon, December 13, 2009. I’m nervous, and super excited. There is so much to plan, and little time to do it in. Everyone keeps saying I am to young to get married but I know with him by my side I can do it. People keep saying we will just get divorced within the next year, and it hurts that people don’t have faith in us. We haven’t been together for years and years, but we have been together for quiet a while. We want to get married because we are in love, and couldn’t imagine life without each other, but we’re also having a baby boy in March. Everything is happening so fast, but it seems like everything is great. My fiance’s family and I still don’t get along the best, but I am trying so hard for him. His dad wants to take my fiance and I out to dinner the day before thanksgiving, so wwe’re going to go and hopefully have a good time.