I am 22 years old and I am pregnant with my second child. I am a full time student and will be graduating from college in may 2008, and my baby is due july 31. My fiance moved about an hour and a half away, and we have maintain a long distance relationship, which was going on before we got pregnant. I am frustrated because ever since I became pregnant he is always so busy or says he is too busy to talk or spend time. He convinced me this wouldnt happen and he would always have time for me. In the last two weeks, we have not really spoken, and if we have it has been very short and we accomplish nothing. He gets angry when I get upset about money and finances pertaining to our new baby and the move i will be making when i graduate. I can't understand his emotions and I am starting to get fed up. I went as far as to change my number and only call him blocked for almost 2 weeks. everytime we spoke he would stress the issue of not having a number to reach me at, and how he couldnt get a hold of me, if he needed to. I finally gave in and gave him my new number, and guess what, he hasn't called my phone ONCE. I was confused if I wanted to keep this child, even though I knew it would be hard for me to have an abortion, but this is exactly what I didnt want to happen. I feel like I am wearing a game face all day at school, and Not showingmy true feelings.(and i hate it). I'm just so fed up, I'm ready to raise this child myself.