so much is going on in my life right now !!! well i got accepted in too college for the fall.. which is great and hopefully i can get my little man in to daycare at that point if not im sure my dad will watch him till i can get him in..

and my mom is home now.. only for 6 months or something stupid like that.. shes engaged to a guy that lives in the states (we live in canada) shes marrying him and moving out there and i hate it im almost 19 and i have a 9 month old and i start college after the summer.. i need my mom i feel like shes abandoning me and i dont want her to miss my little mans second christmas like she did his first…

me and my boyfriend live with his mom and his moms boyfriend… we have to look for our own place in june .. how they expect us to afford it .. i have no clue.. and too top it all off my period is like a week late… i took a test a day after my period was due and it came out negative so i dont know if im not pregnant or if i am and its just to soon to detect it… im just trying to wait it out a little and see my period is simly late or if i have to take another test..

if im pregant again how am i going to take care of a 1 year old and a new born and go too school and work all at the same time?