The thought of my baby being here with me now, is very exciting. I wish I could hold him already. I want to see him and kiss him and tell him all the lovely things that can only be spoken with him there. 

As much as I want him here with me now, I know that I need to wait. I really want him to born with his full 40 weeks. :)) Though, really it doesn’t matter what I want. He will be here when he decides to come. :)) Which sounds cute!

I’m excited. This experience has been great. And I know there is still a lot to discover. I am only 28 weeks. Though, I will be 29 weeks in two days. Time is going by and I prefer it this way. I guess I just need to be more patient. Only 12 weeks left…. almost 11 weeks left. :)) 

Time really is going by rather quickly. :))