Well I am 20 years old and I found out about a week ago or so that I am pregnant. I thought I was only 2 to 4 weeks but I went and had an ultrasound today and I am 9 weeks! I have been with my boyfriend almost a year and a half and we talked things through and decided that an abortion would be the best option. I am still young and I don’t want to be pregnant yet! I am not ready to be  a mom. Plus, I cannot afford a kid right now. I want to wait till I am married and have a career and money set aside. And I really don’t want to adopt cause I am adopted and I know what it’s like, plus I don’t want anyone else to raise my baby. But now it’s really hard especially since I saw it on the monitor. I feel like crying everyday. I am so confused, this is the hardest decision in my life.  I will feel so guilty and depressed and I will be reminded of it everyday. I know it’s the right thing right now I just feel so alone.  🙁