My name is Kaitlin. I tried getting pregnant at 14 but stopped when I broke up with my boyfriend. From then on I had a few scares. I went throgh a hard time but got back on my feet. I never did start trying again but I am now pregnant. My 16th birthday was 8-27 I'm not ashamed at all its a part of life. The thouht of abortion never even came to mind. My mom knows and although she doesn 't like it she is there. As for symptoms My back hurts, My boobs are sore, I have had cramps (from my uterus streaching), I'm tierd and so emotional (i'm not the type to cry) but I have cried for almost everything. I'm about 5 weels and 4 days. I'm hoping for a little girl but I will be happy with a healthy baby. The countdown starts about 35 weeks to go!