Feb. 2007 – Finding out ur pregnant is a real shock. I was with my partner for 3 and a half yrs so I thought it would be ok considering we were both 20 in work and had a great relationship… I was so wrong. The guy tat I knew and loved had turned into a monster. He told me I would ruin his life if i went thru with the pregnancy. Me personally don't really believe in abortion however he had managed to manipulate and use reverse psychology on me until my beliefs didn't exist anymore.
A few weeks later went to book a day for termination. Had to have a consultation as to reasons why I didn't want to go thru with it… they had to a scan. I was 8wks at the time and saw my little tiny baby inside of me. Was determined that i wasn't going to let that change my mind. The date was booked. I was given leaflets on the types of procedures to read up on b4 i was to come back. They was all scary to me but fort I'm strong and brave!

March 2007 – The day was here. My partner came with me an said its for the best. Checked in at the place and had to sit in the waiting room. My god it was so depressing. They was women just sitting there looking worried and scared as if it was the end of the world. I had that feeling that I wasn't supposed to be here. Something was telling I'm in the wrong place. I told my partner and he was like "why u telling me this now for? It nearly time 4 u to go in".
I sat there with tears trickling down my face… a voice said "come lets go"
My partner took me by the hand grabbed my bag and once again said we're going. We told the reception that we'd changed our mind and headed back to the car where we both broke down.

About a week later – My partner was a monster again, back to square 1 of not wanting me to go thru with the pregnancy. At that point I had the support of good friends and family that would be there for me. I had made my mind up…. I was keeping this baby.
There even was a point where my partner was begging me not to but I remained strong and stuck my decision.
One day I had enough of him going on a on and upsetting me, So I called up the same clinic and re-booked an appointment. I would've been alone this time but didn't care. I told him I had a new appointment and doing it because of him.
It was left at that until a day b4 the appointment when he told me that he wants to try and have a go this family thing. I felt so relieved coz i knew i would've regretted an abortion and probably end up hating my partner.