So, yesterday I went to my first ultrasound! (:

She had me in there for quite a while measuring all the baby parts and such, and from that she said I could be 2 more weeks further than we thought! So, I could be as far as 30 weeks already (: Meaning the baby could be here 2 weeks earlier then my due date the doctors give me (based on my period) I am really hoping I am 30 weeks !!!

The baby was in a weird position yesterday so she wasn’t able to get much pictures, like different pictures. I got about 4 pictures, 3 of them are all profiles of the face, and you can’t exactly tell what the 4th one is.. Lol.

I will be posting one of the pictures up later on though!

Ohh, and I did find out what I was having!! IT’S A LITTLE BABY BOY! (: Now, we have to start thinking of some names! (:

Today, I am going to my school to talk to the guidence counsellor. She is going to help me out with my school work and such. We will be switching some of my first semester courses with books and paper (science, history, etc..) So that way a teacher will be able to come to my house up to 3 hours a week up to 6 weeks to help me with my work after the baby comes. I am happy to know that my school is going to work with me.

(I go to my next doctors appointment September 12th, so I will give you guys a better update on the baby then! (: )