okay so this blog is going to tell you my story (obviously since its in the title)

I found out i was a month pregnant at the age of 18 the week before i turned 19. I was so scared yet excited all in the same breathe. I told my boyfriend and he was excited and scared as well. He's been supportive so has his family. So im not alone through out this pregnancy. But i have had a lot of negativity in my pregnancy. When your young you sort of realize who your true friends are when something this big happens. My best friend of 5 years when i told her i was pregnant told me i was ruining my life and should abort it. I told her i couldnt and wouldnt ever do something like that because i knew there was a chance i could conceive even using the proper birth controls and i still chose to have sex. It's not this unborn childs fault that it happened its nobody's fault. Because this child is a blessing and something that i wouldnt give up for the world. Anyways when i told her i wouldnt abort it she bailed on my life. And wrote cruel evil things about me on facebook. I was hurt and upset by it but in the end i realized theres no reason to be she is just being immature and trying to get me upset. Im now 6 months pregnant. and my life is getting more and more complicated. My doctor has me on a leave of absense from work because i have blood preasure problems it can rise and then drop severely which is really bad im guessing. So my boyfriend is the soul income coming in. And we're trying to save for a vehicle and we're trying to get a place. I live with my parents but my mom is trying to control my pregnancy and wont listen to me. She also says things like me and my boyfriend wont last and he will abandon me and all sorts of cruel things that make me upset. Because my boyfriend wont ever do that. He's the best thing in my life. He's been my best friend for 6 years and my bf for two.. so i know he wont leave my life or our child. And my mom keeps planning and trying to keep me here in her house so she can control my child and my life shes already telling me where im going to force it to go to school and such. It's just so infuriating.

but yeah this is my story so far! i hope you enjoyed reading it so far haha ill update you as much as i can 🙂

i love feedback so if u have any you can give it to me 🙂