So last night was the night (10pm) that I told my mom I was pregnant. She was obviously dissapointed, as she has every right. But she was very supportive, and I wish I wasn’t so scared to come to her, so we would have had more time.
She made a doctors appointment for me today and I already went, he said my baby was pretty big haha. I also heard the heart beat, and my mom started to cry. I wanted to cry also, but I kept it cool for my mom. I know a lot must be running through her mind too.
I also got my prenatal vitimans today, and got some paperwork and brochures and stuff to inform me more on all my options, and to help get ready if I do want to keep this. I know I want to keep this, I just have to talk everything over with my boyfriend.
Either decision of adoption or keeping it will be hard as hell. I told my grandma too, and that went fine also. She is going to be a big part of this becuase when I am in school she will be watching the baby (if we keep it).
Jake was scared that he was going to lose me if I told my mom. So I am hoping that if I reinsure him that my mom wants him invloved that it will help his decision also.
Well, today  Iam hoping to do a lot more relaxing than I have been.
I am calling the doctors office back tomorrow to see if they have my ultra sound appointment made.
I will keep you updated.