So the first time I went to the doctors it was just a regular thing.. They also did all my blood work there as well.
Then a couple days later I went to a nurse (I liked her better x3) And she did the same thing my doctor did, but she was very more throughal with everything (:
My first actually check up is tomorrow. My mom called them today from work not to long ago, and they wanted me in asap so they got me in for 9:30am. Just becuase I am so far along without any checkups and such.
I am kind of scared and nervous, because I hear a lot of things about this doctor :/ But this is the doctor who my mom had for me and my little brother I think. He will also be delivering my little one as well.
I hope tomorrow goes alright :/ Unfortunetly my boyfriend can’t mae it due to work. But he can thankfully make it to the first ultrasound (:  And then I’ll hopefully be able to work around his schedule for further appointments.
My baby is moving around a lot inside ^_^ And my boyfriend [Jake] felt it and he had the biggest smile ear to ear (: It made me feel so good. Usually when he tries to feel the baby, it just won’t move for him.. So this is the first time he’s actually felt it good. (:
Well, I am just hoping the best for tomorrow. I am hoping this doctor is going to be decent to me, because I already am not comfertable around any doctors.. Just becuase of my family doctor :/.. Anyways my mom says this doctor is very blunt.. So we’ll see what he has to say to me -.- .. I will update you guys tomorrow when I can on how my checkup goes with the baby and I.
Thanks for all the support! <3