today was the day i did my first pregnancy at home and it came back positive.
Me and my boyfriend have only been back together for a month..
I’m really scared and all that because last time i was pregnant i never told him about it and we broke up (he never knew i was pregnant) and then 2 weeks after we were broken up i started having a misscarriage. i later on told him about it and he hated me for knowing and not telling him. But now that i’ve told him i’m pregnant this time its all different. He doesnt want the child, which is understandable but last time i had a misscarriage and i think of that bubba every birthday every mothers day, and i dont get to celebrate it because i lost my bubba..


I’m scared ill misscarriage again, and even worse im scared ill loose my boyfriend, we’re in love we’ve been talkin about getting back together for months but i was always to scared to, but now that we are and this happens im scared its enough to make him run away.