It takes time to find  yourself and finding the true mean on survival is another task at hand. We become so fragile and afraid that we forget to speak out and be heard, in order to be saved and set free. It took me a while to find the voice inside me, the funny part is it was always there but i never took the time to listen until i fell and became a victim of abuse.

I hide all the pain inside me afraid to speak out for i feared the man i slept with, i cooked for, he was my fiance but treated me like his possession. I did as i was told to avoid an argument because i knew what would happen if i tried to say what i felt.
I thank God for the courage he gave me, because the day i was set free was because i the power and strength to listen to the voice within and speak my mind, i did not care what he would do to me then but i knew he had to hear me. Than i got the courage to tell him its over and i walked out tall and proud. Yes i still do think about him but that’s because love does not die that easily and a part of me will always care  but its good to be free because i’m able to love myself unconditionally and face the future with out fear.

Written by Lelo