Okay well i have found out that i am pregnant. My boyfriend says tat he'll be there and he will get a job bacause i can't, at least not until after the baby is born. Obviously because of the last sentence i have decided to keep the baby. My mother says that if i keep it then i will have to leave because it's not a good example for my five year old sister. But the thing is, i do not have anywhere to go. i can stay until i have the baby but i can't stay after because she says that she doesnt want to raise her own grandchild. She says that if she wanted another kid she would've had another one. She says that my decision to keep the baby is selfish. As for my father she completely shut me out of his life its horrible, he was my hero but not now. Im too young to get a job and I barely have a support system. But nevertheless I'm going to have my baby.