I was still having so much pain and cramping and unable to eat. And the baby was getting bigger. Still thinking about what i was gonna do. I still haven’t told my parents. And i wasn’t planning to. Still i haven’t gone back to work. I was at appointment after appointment because doctors kept telling me that i had an ectopic pregnancy  (fetus outside of uterus) so there was absolutely no way i could keep it. But they weren’t completely sure but I just wanted to know already and why i was having so much pain. I began getting upset, it was after appointment after appointment, and needles and more needles, i couldn’t take anymore. My arms were all bruised and my veins were beginning to collapse, and looked like a heroin addict with blue veins and bruises, and i just stopped all the doctor visits. But my boyfriend continued to push me to get answers if it was an ectopic. He had accompanied me to almost every single visit, even missing work. But he was just as worried.

finally my last emergency room visit, a doctor was looking at my information and ultrasound and was telling me, that he was no completely sure it was ectopic because it wasn’t confirmed. I took more test and had another ultrasound. Me and my boyfriend were there forever!!! We were transferred to ultrasound and my boyfriend kept watch at the screen. Since the lady who was doing the ultrasound wasn’t allowed to give us answers until it was examined by another doctor, while she left so i dress, she stepped out and we observed it. And there was my baby. A small circle that looked like a ring. It was so small. I looked at boyfriend wondering if that was it. And if that was my uterus. But all we could do was wait.  

The next day, the doctor that had attended me, gave me a call. He told us they observed it and confirmed that the pregnancy was in the uterus. It was relief to know i wasn’t in any danger. But that still didn’t explain the pain. They just told me its my uterus expanding but I didn’t think it would hurt this bad. But i toughened it out