I thought I was prego, but sadly I am not. As much as I want another baby, right now isnt the ideal time to concieve or raise one. I'm unemployed, suicidal, and depressed beyong reason. I need to get a better grip on things going on in my life before I bring a child into it. I wanna give my baby eveything it would need, even if that means doing it alone + if I'm going to have a baby the least I have to do is wait until I know I wont kill myself if I get overwhelmed.

I dont wanna leave my baby alone in this world. I don't want to abort.  dont want to give them up. I want to raise them. So after I get my feet on solid ground and I'm stable for at least 5 months. I'll try again to have another baby. Hopefully by then, I'll be employed + moving into the apt I just check out yesterday.

So wish me luck!