My, my. Can anyone describe what it's like to fall in love for the first time? My mom told me all about how my dad swept her off her feet when they met, and I wanted something like that to happen to me. It did when my new neighbors moved in when I was twelve.

 The boy next door was thirteen. We hit it off, playing in one of our backyards, night after night, in tree houses, running down the block… it was so sweet. We made snowmen in the winter and tree forts in the summer.

It was the year I turned fourteen that I realized that the feelings I had for this boy were much more than friendship. I was in love! He felt that way about me too. Now, when we were out, we were kissing instead of playing in the snow. The year I turned fifteen, in the summer, was when we lost our respective virginities to each other.

He was seventeen and I was sixteen when, in front of our family and friends, he proposed. We were married almost two months later. My life was whirling around me. One condition he had for me was that we could no longer wear protection if we had sex. We were a married couple, and at that time, it made sense to me.

But now I'm five months along, and I'm maybe regretting that I'm here. All my friends are talking about university and college, while I just finished what will be my last year of formal education. They're off doing their own thing while I've got a husband at home and soon, a family.