tears of an angel

A fallen angel… such beauty broken.  She lived with grace, whose heart was stolen.  When time ran out, a choice was made.  For forbidden love’s thrill, her wings she’d trade.  A thousand tears fell from her eyes, when love betrayed her with no goodbyes.  And regret, that realized all was done, begged for the wings that now were gone.  Forever chained, by choice, to ground; her covered face and head hung down.  Dirt and thorns had stained and torn the pure white gown with pride she’d worn.
Now, with only regret and sorrow, gazes she upon tomorrow.  And a cry is heard, a distant sound from up above the lonely ground.  She felt His tears fall on her skin, as ugly reality finally set in.  She, now fallen, never again to fly; of her own free will, had turned from heaven and said goodbye.