Hi my name is Rochelle all my friends call me Chelle I’m also a teenage mother. At the age of 14 I, learned I, was 4 months pregnant. My first thought was that it couldn’t be true. But of course the doctor wasn’t listening. At the time that was the most devastating thing I had ever heard. My mama was with me when I, found out and her expression was over a million words. And of course her most famous expression was disappointment. My baby father wasn’t anywhere around he had left town and I’ was all alone. When he came back I, was six months pregnant and he didn’t believe me. He argued with me and tried to fight me and said my baby wasn’t his. I cried almost every night of my pregnancy and was all alone. My mom wasn’t there for me she put me down a lot during my pregnancy and talked about me. I guessed it was just her way of dealing with it. During the whole 9 months of my pregnancy life was horrible i had no support group. It was just me and my unborn child. To make a long story shorter on June 11, 2006 at 3:49 p.m. after 12 hours and 49 minutes of labor, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Kaliya’. After I had her life didn’t get better because after you have a child there’s a reality checkĀ  to come along and a lot of life learned lesson. But now things are going good for me. I’m working Kaliya’ is in childcare and I am in my senior year of high school. Her father is still a pain in the butt and still isn’t any help. But hay I made it this far without him so I know the sky is the limit. To all the other teenage mothers out there I’m 17 years old and doing it on my own if I can do it I know you can to. All it takes is faith strength and courage.