Hello everyone. Im Ashley and Im 19 (20 in 5 months), engaged, and currently TTC with my fiance. Well I dont know if Im pregnant but one of my friends who has twins said she thinks I am. Here are the symptoms that she claims she experienced with her twins:

I am always nauseous and feeling like I have to vomit

I feel lazy

My weight has gone down

I barely have eaten in weeks because Im not hungry 

When I do eat, its not much because I cant stomach much

I have a sore little pimple on my nipple THAT HURTS LIKE A ***** (sorry for tmi)


However, I have my period too even though it is slightly lighter. I took a pregnancy test the day my period was supposed to come down and it came out negative. Due to the fact I inserted a tampon, I drew it down. She claims she had all the same symptoms as myself even with her period. The only way she found out she was pregnant was by taking a blood test because her pee test kept resulting in negatives. I would like to know other people’s opinion.