I’m sitting in the bathroom against the tub, where I get the best wireless internet.

Last night, my partner came home to me and informed me that everyone knew about my pregnancy at work already. My stress level sky-rocketed with the thoughts of co-workers and even my boss discussing my personal and private life behind my back, and while my boyfriend worked quitely with headphones

in his ears blocking out the one million questions people kept approaching him with.


One regular customer- and old, drunken fool- made the comment to a friend/co-worker that went like this: “[myself] shouldn’t be doing this to [my boyfriend]”. This man is a nothing, bot those words were cold and hurt.

I am 2/3 weeks pregnant. I found out so early. I am 19 years old and my boyfriend is 28. He has a 2 year old son with another woman who he remains friends with. He has tought me how to trust and how to love again. I haven’t been treated so well… ever in my life actually. He calls and checks up on me,  and tells me that everything will be alright and that he supports me with any decision that I make.

I have too many thoughts.

I have too many decisions to make.

To keep or not to keep…