Ultrasound Tuesday said I was 6 weeks, 1 day.  Dr. said I am due 8-8-09.  I reminded him that because of the diabetes, last time he planned to deliver me one month early.  He planned to deliver me on Tuesday, but the baby decided to be born a month early anyway, on Saturday.  Surprise!

I do not know of the dr's faith, but he made one, really quick statement — he was not worried.  Yeah, after telling me all the things he wanted to do and what bad things I could expect, Down Syndrome being the number one possible "problem".  He will have me do an amniocentesis as soon as physically possible to find out.  He had me do a 24-hour urine collection (mostly for kidney function, but also for creatinine and other things), had a few tubes of blood sucked out, and the second ultrasound.  You know, I think he is doing better for me, as a diabetic, than my primary care physician.  He has common sense and experience, not just books smarts.  My PCP just waits for problems; she does not do safety checks (like the 24-hour urine).  I never want bad news, but if there is a problem, I would like to know asap so it can be treated or so progress can be delayed.

I got pregnant on Nov 13 or 14.  The last ultrasound was done on Tues, Dec 16.  Technically, I was only 1 month pregnant, but the test showed the baby's heartbeat and I got to hear it too.  Wow!  I had no idea it happened so soon.  I saw a bumper sticker today that said "abortion stops a beating heart".  Well, that is true, even this early.  The live-motion picture (ultrasound) was amazing.  I actually saw the little, tiny heart beating even though you still can not make out that the miniscule form is a real baby.  You can not see arms, legs, or even which end will be the head, but there was the heart — just beating away.  Unbelievable!

Next appointment is Jan 7.  Dr. will have all the test results by then so I will be able to see where things stand as far as my health and what he thinks needs to be done next.  This can almost be guaranteed to not be your usual pregnancy.  He told me that he will want to see me every 3 weeks at the beginning, working up to once per week, then 2-3 times per week near the end (July/August).  With my first baby, I had to spend all of weeks 35 and 36 in the hospital just so I could be watched.  Crappy thing, because of the diabetes, I had to stay another whole week after the baby was born.  Grrr!  3 whole weeks in the hospital and I was just days from being 22 years old.  Can you imagine my impatience at that age?  LOL

Boring, slightly unrelated stuff:  1.)  Called daughter's school today about visiting the alternative school.  I was told they would figure when we could then they would call me back.  2.)  Called lawyer about car wreck I was in in October.  I have to look into getting physical therapy so he can have more evidence to support my case that I believe he will take on.  I may give more info on this later.  3.)  Had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands – one in May, one in June.  Found out today I have "trigger thumb" in my left thumb and have to have surgery in January.  Yay!  The fun never ends.  Sense the sarcasm?  LOL  That makes the third x-ray I have had since I have been pregnant.  The first one was for the headaches I have been having since the car wreck (thus prompting the law suit — especially since my claim was dropped when the girl who hit me would not contact her insurance company and they would not pay out for damages).  The second one was a chest x-ray because of bronchitis-like symptoms I have had since May.  I did not know I was pregnant (not quite 2 weeks) when I had them, but knew it was a possibility — because I was not on birth control and had been watching for ovulation dates.  They had me wear a lead vest for those, and today, they had me wear one on the front and on the back.  Thank the Lord for that.

2:09 am – time to quit.  Til next time. . .