I dunno what to do anymore, everytime I turn around it seems like there’s a new problem confronting me.  Over the weekend James and I tried to discuss whether or not he should go to college or not. Well, it only ended in me crying, cause well (stupid hormones) everything gets exhaggeratted when I’m feeling upset. James means the world to me, and if only he could help me raise this baby, and get his college degree at the same time. But that would entail me moving 7 & 1/2 hours away from my friends and family. His family. And the beautiful scenery…what to do…?? I dunno…but what I do know is that this pregnancy is taking so much of my energy. I’m tired and I just wanna sleep. School is hard as it is…but now, with the looks I get and the workload from the teachers(cause I gotta stay caught up to graduate) I seem to just be falling. If only there was a fairy god mother to do my work for me…then I could focus on my baby-and James.
*sigh* I’ll deal though, I’ll deal.