Im 6 weeks. Still too afraid to tell my mother. She was a teen mother (18 when she had my brother) and she told me he was a mistake. That was after she found a used negative pregnancy test in my bookbag one day after i "spent the night at my best friends house". I've been wanting  a baby so bad. I finally am getting what I've been wanting. My boyfriend and I are excited. I am trying to stay as stress free as I can being a first time freshman in college and feeling so alone and like i'll never be able to finish school due to my pregnancy. I miss my boyfriend dearly too. Were only about 40 minutes away but he lives in an area where a car is unnecessary so it makes it a little difficult for us to see each other. I need to see him. I feel extremely lonely. I feel like college, pregnancy, and maintaining my honors scholarship is going to be too much. Also i feel like once i tell my mom, i'll ruin all the hopes and dreams shes set for my future but on the positive side it means i'll be deciding my own future for once. But boy do i miss my boyfriend more than anything.