Leo’s due date is 8th August, but obviously he came early. So i shouldnt be worried about his due date? I am probably making a big deal over nothing, but this day means a lot to me. He should either be on his way and almost here or a few days old. But actually the 8th August will be 2 months since Leo has been home from hospital..and almost 4 months of him being here. So its special to me. Today(6th August) Leo has reached his due date goal of 6pounds-he finally fits into newborn clothes, woo!

We are also having a small engagement party on the 8th, but will also be a type of baby shower for Leo too.  So yea, we’re having a party to celebrate Leo and mine and Lee’s engagement. its a pretty late party, but it will be fun.  So we’re pretty busy right now. We picked up the cake earlier today, hopefully it stays okay. Picking up Leo’s cake tomorrow. 

Well im so glad Leo has made it here, i dont really care when he arrived. He made it to his due date healthy and happy. He’s just a little older than what he should be. Me and Lee are so privileged to have such a wonderful son like Leo. He’s already lifting his head up, and he’s so active. He’s really aware of everything around him…and he clearly shows emotion. Still no sign of teeth cutting-but im grateful because thats going to be a nightmare. He is gorgeous and i love him lots! 

I cant believe the journey we’ve been through already…hopefully get his scan results back this week then no more hospital for 2 months! Cant wait for the next few months to pass. Im a lucky mumma. Oh and i apoligise if i occasionally spam you with pictures of Leo.