HEy again ladiess, k so my bestfriend is the one that is telling my whole town that im pregnant, but when confronted she starts denying she ever told anyone but says im gonna be a bad mom, and that i should never compare myself to Corey (my friend that died in january and was also a teen mom) yet, Corey hated her, but now that coreys gone skylar thinks they were like the best of friends. so much stress. shes just still stuck in highschool mode even though weve graduated, will always be drama,
and why is it that i cant find the ringtone i hate my babys daddy? the only good thing about this whole situation is my gorgeous baby growing inside me.. 15 weeks on monday ! <3
cant wait for her ( i hope its a her) to get here!! already decided on the baby room : zoo theme. have the bassinet, sooo cute. so excited.