I am new here and I just want you girls to know that I know what it is like and I know what you are going thru. I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared and some people told me I should have an abortion. I didn’t tho and I went to school. I didn’t have the father to support me but I did have my family once they got over the shock. I thought about adoption but I really wanted to keep my baby. I went to college and it was really tough, but I did it. I now am married and have four wonderful children. My son is now 15 and he’s pretty happy I decided to keep him. If anyone wants to talk to me for support I’m here. Don’t let anyone keep you down. I went to my prom 8 months pregnant and I was captian of my drill team till I couldn’t fit in my uniform anymore, I also graduated just a month and a half shy of my due date. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to even when carrying your child, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.