Ok. Wow! I never thought I would be someone who was even considering an abortion. Ive never agreed with it and never thought it was the right answer. But this is my situation.

Ive been married a little over 2 years, and its been rocky he has been unfaithful many times and that has led me to do the same. We have a 18 month old daughter together, who is my entire world. And I have stayed in the marriage and tried to make it work because I have thought it was best for her. But my husband and I have been seperated majority of the year.. and I have been living with my parents. I met this guy and we have become good friends.. well I guess Ive been vulnerable and we slept together. I found comfort in him I guess because of everything that Ive had going on. Well about a week ago I found out I was pregnant.. and I was terrified. For many different reasons.. Im scared that if my husband finds out even though we are seperated that he will be so pissed that he tries to get custody of my daughter, the guy that got me pregnant is a nice guy but he does drugs and isnt financially ready for a child, Im currently not working and will not have insurance to cover the pregnancy.

Parts of me feels like abortion would be the best thing.. but on the other hand I want to keep the baby and dont know that I could live with myself if I actually went thru with it. Im just so scared and really just dont know what to do.. PLEASE HELP!