I am 27 i am 5 weeks pregnant, its a little complicated, i have know thi sguy for a while over a year as friends we decided to see if we can pursue something i had a great holiday with me he was great to me until the end the last week i fell pregnant i was on the pill. Towards the end of my visit he wasnt treating me with the same enthusiasm as before.

I went back home asked him how he felt and expressed my sentiments about how he treated me before he did not respond but continued to call and send me cute texts and even insisted on coming to visit me for a weekend which i planned great things.

four days before he came i found out i was pregnant i knew the timing was off and i knew we were reasonable people so i decided to wait totell him until he comes for the visit. I get a text after preparing a super good weekend –  oh i cant come i have been thinking about us i cant have a future relationship with you. I broke down two days later i told him about the pregnancy. he said the easiest thing is to terminate – i was so hurt and could not believe his insensitivity he is 34 yrs old – has a decent job. I am financially stable and i have my Own business.

I couldn not imagine aborting my child how could i from a guy i thought i was great soon after we had discussions and he said three things – i felt very little for you, i cannot love this child i would terminate but if you cant then i will support you – but hpw can he when i know he didnt want it at first how will i look at this child when he comes to take him for visits and know his dad didnt want him

I was lonely i reache dout to him he was cold i decided to terminate i have not done it yet but now i look back – the anger i feel the hurt i feel is intense but how can i abort such a beautiful child because his father didnt want him .

i choose to keep the child i will deal with it – i feel so sick knowing im carrying a child of such a cold man but i have to now focus on me and the baby or i will miss out on the important days of growth.

i love this baby and i will be a good mother and this is the best thing that happened to me and i will not let him take it away from me: the worst is i was crazy about him and he used me and misled me.

this site has helped me reading all the stories im no longer consideing aborting – if anything i will work harder and be more loving and live life and enjoy it what an honour to bring a life into this world and you get to instill values and love in it.

i realise its heart breaking when you are alone with morning sickness but the baby will make you go on you just have to push through.