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The website reaches over 450,000 young women each month … that’s over 4 million people each year. Most guests stay on the site an average of about 15 minutes, learning from fetal development photography, custom life-like illustrations, and video of human life inside and outside the womb.

Our team personally answers emails from thousands of young women giving them individual guidance to help them make the choice both they and their child can live with.

Additionally, our original prenatal illustrations, prenatal photography, and other resources make a leading research site for high school and college students.

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Virtually all of the thousands of young women who visit each month discover it through our online advertising campaign.

All of the financial support for this crucial life-changing ministry comes from the generosity of contributors just like you. Even a modest tax-deductible gift can make a huge difference. Please help. Your support will be deeply appreciated. Thank You!

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