Im 18 and im 21 weeks pregnant and very happy that im able to actually have kids…Im starting to feel Him/Her move and starting to feel more pregnant now. Im overweight…as i have been my whole life sooo when i was told i was pregnant it took me awhile to actually believe that i was pregnant because i didn't "feel" pregnant. But now only when i lay down i have no problem feeling the baby..=) IM SOOO HAPPY about that. One other thing thats not soo good is that i smoke ciggaretts. Which i already noe is VERY bad but i was smoking before i got pregnant and am having a very VERY hard time quitting. The minute i feel stress coming on i smoke a ciggarette. And every pregnant female noes we stress out Very easily..Is there anyone else that is having this problem? Does this mean that i don't love my baby if i don't have the strength to wuit smoking for my unborn child? Whats wrong with me