I just got back from my doctors appointment not too long ago, and getting my glasses as well.

I asked when my due date was, and he said he isn’t going to change it and that it is November 18th. 

I asked him if he could tell if Dallas was healthy and such, and he said yes.. Well, of coarse by what he can tell. So, that makes me happier.

My sugar text came back good (: And I had to do another blood test today, because last time my doctor forgot.. So I will hopefully know the results of all my tests next appoint.

My next doctor appointment is two weeks from now, on September 26th.

I am very happy with the way my pregnancy is going so far (:

Tomorrow I have to drop a note of to my Vice Principal so that she can re arrange things to get ‘home instructon’ for me I think it’s called. It’s so a teacher can home school me while I am home with the little one for up to six weeks.

I will keep updating you guys, and thank you for those who are supporting, and helping me and following my journey with me (: 

It’s going to be hard, have it’s ups and downs, but really.. Nothing is impossible, and I will go to show those doubters how teen mothers can be better mothers than older mothers. I am sick of this bad reputation that goes with teen mothers. 

Let’s show em’! ^_^