Two weeks ago a friend ask me, ” Do love suppose to hurt?” I didn’t know rather or not to say yes, or no. Because when you’re in love, different things hurt, make you cry, and having you thinking negative. But, after a couple day of thinking, I come to find out that love doesn’t really hurt. The reason a person will think love hurt is because the things that they do that has to deal with love and they assuming it is the cause of their hurt and tears. Falling in love with someone who doesn’t love you back will hurt you and have you thinking that by you being in love with this person, love is the reason you’re hurting but its not. You are the reason on the other hand, because you let you’re self fall to hard for someone who you have never spoke a word to or made eye contact with. If you are already in love and is still hurting, and blaming love, it is because the mistake, broken promises, and all the lies that your relationship has been built upon. So, rather or not your in love, don’t blame love for all you tears and sorrow. Blame youself.