So heres the thing, me and my mum ALWAYS used to argue. Every since she found out i was pregnant, shes bin helping me out rather alot, and the arguing has stopped. Shes bin absolutly wonderful buying bodysuits, baby bath and johnsons new baby package. However, the downside, she keeps taking over. I say a baby name, she hates it but then she will say the exact name a few days later (for example. Alisha – Ooh i like the name alisha) and i’d be like ”mum i said that to you the other day and you said you hated it”. It’s really confusing!! She also wants me to use terry nappies but they are so old fashioned and i just want my baby to have what i want them to have, if that makes sense? She wont even let me and my fiance sleep in the same bed, knowing im having his baby i duno weither to just do as she says for respect but we’ve decided to go away for my birthday on 21st of oct but how do i tell her to calm down and back off abit? i duno weither its just me bein silly..