the life that i wanted was to have me and my family although i didnt know it was goin to come so soon ..
me being very scared and not knowing how to tell my mother..hiding the growth that was inside of me at only 17 years old. my boyfriend being the happiest person in the world because he's goin to be a daddy. Me having mixed feelings not knowing what to do. so i decided to  wait because i have the type of parent who is all for abortions and things of that nature so i decided to wait till it was too late. now me only 17 not knowing what to do with all these changes that are ahppening with me and my body and trying to take care of it myself, that didnt work out to good i went four and a half months with no doctor visits and no type of prenantal care. so one day im in school and i jsut start throwing up every where now me and my boyfriend knows why but no one else has any idea. i then decied that i had to tell my mother because i could no longer go on being sick like i called her with tears in my eyes and my boyfriend by my side while i herd the painful words "your not keeping it" thats when i knew what i had to do[[fight for my baby]] i became so attached even though i didnt go to the doctors i took care of her the best way i knew how, i developed a relationship i talked to my baby and everything i wanted a girl and i swear i was going to give her the world be the best parent she ever could have had and give her the most love in this world, my mom seemed to think other wise. she didnt seem to think that i was even ready to say the word pregnant, she didnt even ask me what i wnted to do with my baby, so finnaly i told her i didnt want to have an abortionand she then told me that i had to get out of her house and that she wouldnt help me do anything at all and that if she saw me and her grandchild on the street hungry that she would just drive off and leave us there. that hurt my feelings so much and i couldnt do it by myself i needed her and her help and i had no one but her and my boyfriend and we were both in school so who else did  i have?…no one  so i decided to listen to my mother no matter how  much it hurt. i went to A Womans Chocies on december  5 2008 and i let that man suck  her out of me with tears in my eyes and the most pain in my stomach i felt terrible and now it hurts even more i miss my baby so much and i think about her everyday and i pray that the lord forgives me beacause i had no other chocie but now im feeling like it was ment for me to have a baby because now here i am alomst 3 months later and possibly pregnant again!..and this time i refuse  to have an abortion and i mean that!