Me and my boyfriend are deep in love. We live together in his parents house and he is everything to me. He treats me like a princess and never turns his back on me. We were very intimate and i decided to make an appointment and go on birth control and went with the Depo Shot.  I had asked my doctor a lot of questions, and made sure it worked immediately… she told me yes. And I trusted her.  I was excited and was so positive that i was safe and couldn’t get pregnant. The Depo drove me crazy and moody. I didn’t get my period for a whole month and then I had it for a whole month. very light. And then it stopped. I was glad and relieved.  It had made me so emotional and i would flip out on anyone. 3 months later i went for my second shot. Confident. My doctor gave me my shot and sent me on my way. And i had noticed she didn’t even do a urine test before to make sure i wasn’t pregnant. That same day, five hours later,  i begin feeling intense pain like menstrual cramps but these were different, like much deeper. And i began throwing up everything and the pain was on and off but so bad that i could not sit or stand and it went down to my legs and hips. I didn’t know what was going on but i did my best to deal with it. Two days later, I began loosing a lot of weight and couldn’t eat or drink nothing so i went to the hospital. And in the meantime, i had been wondering for weeks if i was pregnant. My breast had become very full and hard and sore. My sense of smell was so sensitive and the smell of smoke would make me sick. And i remember getting painful cramps when i was at work that would last for a minute then disappear then come back. And I had the idea I was pregnant but in doubt that I was because I was on birth control, but i had dreams and images of a baby. A baby that i would see deep inside me. And i could see myself holding onto it and crying, but something kept taking it away from me, and it was gone. I would wake up looking for it and tear. And i thought it was just a phase. I talked to my boyfriend about it. And we took a pregnancy test, and to our surprise, it was negative… Then the week after I had my second Depo shot.

At the hospital, they ran test on me, and placed me on I.V. They check my blood and Urine. Three hours later. A doctor and a nurse closed the curtains looking serious and told me they had news. I looked at them with such curiosity, like what could it be… “you are pregnant..” and my face went blank. I shook my head in disbeif and just couldnt believe it. I began questioning and denying it. I had took a test a week ago, it was negative and I was on birth control. How could this be? Me? Pregnant? I couldnt be? No way? all of it ran through my head. I was Pregnant.