So hes currently deployed. Its every day or at least every other day we talk to each other for 1 to 2 hours. Were at the level of best friends and i enjoy it. Im getting help with all the pain attached to the procedure experience. In march i enlisted in the army for the fact im not eligible for financial aid to go to college, i need insurance and a little discipline wouldnt hurt. Ive graduated and this sunday im attending the actual ceremony to set in stone that i graduated high school. But this whole time since ive "graduated" has been nothing but work, therapy, airsofting and preparing for basic training. I cant say it will be a cake walk but it will be tough, test my issues and slowly pull away from playing mother to my little bro. I cant have kids anymore but its becoming less of a issue once the fact was absorbed. Well thats all i got drill this morning and i gotta wake up to go to emporia.

                                                                                                              PVT Salyer