So today I just found out that im pregnant. I have thousands of things running through my head and im so confussed. My boyfriend said he would only support me if i had an abortion which makes this that much harder. I know that in the end it is my decision but I dont know what I should do. But I do know that no matter what decision i make my family and friends are behind me. Only my sister and aunt and two friends know and bf. Its heart breaking to know that this is happening to me. Although i do know theres a reason. Im only 18 years old and will be done high school in a month. I have already been accepted to police foundations for September which makes this that much more difficult. My sister and aunt want me to have the baby. But im sooooo confussed and still in shock. I needed some peoples thoughts of abortion, adoption and keeping the baby. 

Thanks sooo much for everyones help.