Dear Mummy… Im so sorry this is happening. Im sorry i didnt listen to you. But im going to be a mum soon, i’ll learn a lesson, i’ll understand how hard it must have been for you. Also thank you so very much for supporting me, being there at every hospital appointment, being there when ive been rushed into hospital, there to rub my belly better when it hurts. Thank you for helping me get ready for baby Leo, for helping when Lee didnt care. You are truly the best mum i could ever ask for. You’ve made this experience amazing. You’re always there for me, im so lucky to have you. And i promise i’ll manage, i’ll try my best to stay strong for Leo. He will love you so much, your precious grandson. Thank you mummy 🙂 

Dear Dad…If only you knew your little girl was having a baby, if only i knew where you were and what you are like. If Lee ever turns out like you i wont give up. I will always try my best to give my child there father. But you’ve never wanted to know, you didnt care when mum had me, when she struggled alone. Leo will never hear you’re name, its not worth it?

Dear Bestfriends…Thank you so much guys, every single one of you have been here for me. You’ve never doubted me, you’ve stood by me! Already picked out Leo’s god parents: was such a hard choice. Not seeing you all as much is hard, but a pregnant woman needs her rest,hehe.  Im sorry for messing up school, college and our weekly nights out..but Baby Leo is going to be the new arrival soon, and he means everything to me. I hope you’ll love his as much as you love me. Thank you for everything!

Dear Lee…You’re amazing, after such a short relationship we made a baby, our baby boy! And you hated me, you hated the fact you where going to be a daddy. But look at us now, we’re so happy. Im moving in, you’ve got a job, you’ve bought our son the most amazing gear. We’re getting ready for our new arrival. And you once didnt want him, so much has changed. Im happy though, im so happy knowing we’re going to be fine, we’re going to get through this. Im proud to say i wouldnt of got this far without you. Leo is going to have such an amazing daddy, you should be proud of yourself…you’ve changed your whole life around for us! Thank you for helping me with everything. I love you man:) 

Dear my precious unborn Leo…Not long now sweetie, only a few more weeks. You’ve going to be early i know, poorly, weak but i’ll be there watching over you making sure you’re getting stonger each day. I wont ever leave you, you’re already, my fighting little soldier. Im so proud of you, you’ve made me such a proud mummy. Im young, but you wanted to come, so i took you as a gift and i’ll never throw you away! I cant believe you’re really mine, my shining star. You’re going to be so spoilt baby, you’ll have everything you want, i promise! Your mummy, daddy and you’re whole family love you so much! See you soon little man, stay strong for mumma 🙂 

Dear Me…Well done. You should be proud of yourself 🙂