sug girls 078

Things sure have changed fast! Just three weeks ago I was wishing to be back with him… I trusted him! He betrayed me.

I’m negative, he’s positive. We broke up, three weeks ago, 31st of August I found out, I could keep it down I started to tear up because I knew the truth…

Though he accused me of ‘over reacting’, “Are u serious ! , so you actually think i cheated on you , seriously tj, you dont care anymore either ? What,no i did not cheat on you , but believe whatever u want, tana whisperin into your ear still,  for one thing those tests can be inaccurate, for another thing this whole time this stuff was goin through your head and you didnt think about talkin about it with me, but whatever you wanna be through with me fine, that hurt my feelins tj really did.

i never did anything besides love and respect you never once did i see another women so no i cant tell u the answers ur lookin for but whatever were over right?

You told me not to msg u when im drinkin why would you go do that to me then. You may go to university tj but that doesnt mean im an idiot nd dont know what im talkin bout when it comes this , your breakin my fuckin heart when i did NOTHING.

Im not the type to cheat i dont care what tana tells u or what u think u know cuz of some stupid test , u hurt me really did it tj …

My mom family, alll my friends , know that i would never do that to anyone let alone you , nd u havnt figured that out yet  ? after how long

Oh nd my moms boss just stopped by she said its possible you could of had a falsified test , thank you very much for jumping the Gun on me and Stds can stay in your system up to six months wich ive told u before and an std test has about what was it a 78% chance of being correct … I cant believe this, u get a negative and immidetly assume i was cheatin then dump me”.

I felt like I begged him to take me back, he said he needed time, the more time he took the more I let go.

I can’t do it anymore, I can’t trust him. I try, I’ve tried so much I have nothing left to give him!

I’m broken, yet I’m trying again to love… Can I? Or when I get back to Canada this Christmas will he get to me again, confuse me, make me unsure?

All I know is the woman I talk to is sincere, she means something to me, and that something grows every week we talk…

Every week he fades away, please don’t come back, just stay away until we are able to just be friends again….

Please stop me from breaking, I don’t want to use her as a crutch, so I keep a distance, but every conversation we get closer!

I’m scared and excited…

So I pour everything I have into my work and my education, so pretty soon there will be nothing to give, no reason to either. Or is that mentality worse than hanging on?