Dear little babys,

    I decided to start letters to you. I will probley never give them to you but who knows. I am 5 monthes pregnant right now. I feel you both moving. I have started a internet school so I can stay home. I am living with a nice guy named Mark and he tells me that you guys are blessings. I don't know yet what I will do after you are born. WIll I give you up or keep you. I don't think I would be able to love you without somehow hurting you. Not physicaly of course. I mean how will I tell you that you were concevied out of rape.  My parents who are your grandparents wanted me to get a abortion but I would'nt. They icked me out. You have uncle on the way and have 2 aunts and 1 uncle already. Well I am done for oday.

  I love you

Parker(your mom)