We went overboard that night so it hit us reaaly hard in the process our emotions took over our body without even knowing exactly what we were doing, we ended up making love without any protection.

Im 18 years old with a beautiful 5 month old baby girl, Maahi.

Not until the 4 month were we completely sure that i was pregnant. prior to that during the 2 month we had taken pregnancy tests which said positive. Immediately we took the step of abortion pills, as a result we thought we lost our baby, but it seemed she was not ready to leave us.

During my 7 month my parents came to know. Alot of havoc was created between mine and my fiance's family. Unknowingly my parents took me away to Mumbai without my fiance. I was immediately taken to my aunts place where i was literally "jailed" for 2 weeks. I not only faced humiliation from my family members but also from the doctors and various other "religious" people.

My father used to accompany me to the gynaec but always had me removed from the room while he was talking to him. So as a result i never really knew what they were discussing.

On the 6 of April,the doctor had given me pills to induce labour pains which i had taken at 4 in the morning on the 7 of April and went through hell after that.

At 5 in the evening when i was taking a shower, my water broke and i just jumped out of the shower, put on my clothes and ran to my aunt pleading with her that i was in utter pain and i wanted to go to the hospital but she didn't bother. Instead she was cleaning up her house and telling me to shut up and have patience. After a chaotic discussion, we were on the way to the hospital and i was in so much of pain that i couldn't control myself and kept screaming. My aunt slapped me on my mouth and my lip tore and it was bleeding.

As soon as we reached the hospital, i was taken into the delivery room. After 10 minutes, i delivered my beautiful baby girl. But she was taken away from me and all i saw of her was a 5 second glance.

And i never saw her again…

After 3 days my father told me she died of a respiratory problem. He took me to her grave and he bought me back home(Middle East). My fiance was in India, he called me after 2 weeks and told me that our baby was alive. I didn't completely believe him. But when he came back, My mum had left for Mumbai. One fine day she called me up and told me that she saw my baby. Thats when i believed my fiance and started telling him that i wanted our baby back.

We realised that my Father lied to us. We don't know why, and we may never know why.

We got married on the 4 of July. Today me and my husband are living together with our beautiful baby girl and we are very happy together…