Creating a Baby Nursery
Creating a baby nursery seems simple, and therefore is left for the last minute before the baby arrives.  However, if parents want their baby nursery to be a cozy place that they can retreat to with their little one, they should prepare their nursery early.  Along with pregnancy advice, there are those people who will give advice about all the things a nursery needs and the list can quickly add up.

In order to save money by avoiding spending it on unnecessary items, parents should itemize their list into needs and wants so they can ensure that they purchase all their needs and if there is room in the budget they can purchase some of the wants as well.  After all the effort of creating a perfect nursery, the baby is not going to remember what their room looked like, but it is important for parents to have a place of peace for them and the baby, and let’s face it, there is nothing cozier than a baby nursery.

Babies do not necessarily need a full bedding set, especially since it is recommended that babies only sleep on a thin sheet to prevent suffocation.  But most mothers are not satisfied with the look of a thin sheet on a mattress, so there are ways to keep the baby safe as well as make the crib look put together.  Sheets are vital, and parents should purchase several sets, as babies will go through them often.  In order to glam up a crib and its many sheets, according to Honest to Nod, a quilt draped stylishly over the side of the crib can add texture and comfort.  Crib bedding sets the tone of the room as far as colors, so parents should choose bedding colors that are easily accented with other décor.

The essentials
The changing area is where most of the excitement takes place in a baby nursery, so it is smart for parents to keep everything they need within arms reach of the changing table.  For important items that should not be in the baby’s reach, putting them on a decorative shelf is a great way to add style as well as safety to the area.  Stimulating décor should be hung in places where the baby can see it when they are laying on the changing table.  A changing table acts as a great storage unit and can be organized with stylish baskets.  As long as parents do not have to step away from the baby to reach essential items they are good to go!

Baby libraries
Parents under estimate the importance of a cozy rocker.  Babies loved to be rocked and talked to, so while they might not understand the story line, reading to a baby while rocking them to sleep can be their favorite pastime.  Babies are exhausting so when they are sleeping in your arms it is nice to be in a cozy rocker so maybe you can get some sleep too!

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