Cravings. All of them, all at the same time. Pepperoni Pizza. Chocolate Ice cream. Indian Butter Chicken. KFC wicked wings &  Original Recipe chicken. Apple Pie with Whipped Cream. Medium Rare Steak. Im just happy we dont have Taco Bell in New Zealand otherwise i’d be there all day.  Cravings are so annoying. I have a big old breakfast, carbs & fresh fruit with milk for extra calcium. Then i get to school & my tummy grumbles. how can something so small & so beautiful take all my food away? I sit here now in 4th period waiting for the bell to ring so i can go for lunch, & i can feel how tight my uniform skirt is around my belly. I wish i could just wear my own clothes, but uniform predicts that we are a team & together & blah blah blah, which is utter bullshit, i believe wearing this uniform shows dictatorship & makes us look like clones. Anyway, off the subject. I am in my last year of High School, but only into my second term, which i guess would be second simester in America? (i dont know your school ways) at school & i still have 6 months left of school, & im due in December. I cant wait to meet my beautiful little gift. My mum always says that a baby is a gift. My baby will be beautiful. Blue eyed with blonde curly hair. Ive only just finished my first trimester & im already dying to meet him/her!
P.S im new on this site, & i was wondering if anyone would wanna be friends? dont worry, im completely normal (:

Lots of love, Geo