Jake told me at school that he’s come over after work. Well the ‘after work’ time was up, and passed so I texted out friend Brandon asking if he’s heard from Jake, and if Jake was with Brandon. Brandon said yep, and that Jake’s phone had died.

Well, of coarse with my pregnancy emotions, and Jake kind of lieing to me.. I exploded on both of them, and just kept on going. Until I stopped and though about what I did, so then I started apologizing and what not. Then, Jake texts me off Brandon’s phone angry at me for saying/thinking what I did. I then was already crying, but after hearing that from Jake upset me more.

I feel like crap now because I was the one pissed for Jake lieing to me, but now he’s pissed at me. I hate this! )’: So I asked him to come over tomorrow so we can talk about it, because we gotta start acting bigger with a kid coming in to the world, and that I wrote him something. (I wrote him a 2 page letter explaining my views on this, and why I did what I did/say, and just hoping he understands a bit more) 

I’m scared he’s not going to want to see me anymore ): I’m scared about losing him. Like, idk.. I really don’t know what to say anymore.. Tomorrow is also our 10 months.. I’ll ttyl. ): 

Monday- Doctors appointment, then getting glasses. 

Update after that.