I had got the depo shot twice this year. The second time I got it, I was late for it. I can’t remember when I was suppose to back in get so in other words Im late for my depo shot a month or more. I’ve had spotting & I’ve also had lightish spotting with like I’m not sure if wet discharge I can’t explain, some websites say that means I’m ovulating even if I was recently on depo.

Well I’ve been having unprotected sex almost every weekend. These past days I’ve been feeling bloated & my breasts were hurting earlier today but before that my right breast hurt & my left one didn’t also I’ve had a lot of fatigue but I’m not sure if it’s because of work & also I’ve been eating & getting more hungry. I’ve also been gassy, but I took a pregnancy test dec 1 morning & came out negitive.

Could there still be a possibility I’m pregnant?