m_579fd959339a4d7698ebdd78aa399954.jpgI was 15 when i found out that i was pregnant. I had just met my boyfriend a month ago and now we find out im pregnant. I was happy but at the same time scared, and guilty for feeling happy because my boyfriend didnt want to keep the baby at all, he wanted me to have an abortion. I told my mom the next day and she was sad she cried for months, but she got used to it. My boyfriend told me to do whatever i wanted and to this day he still holds my baby girl Miya over my head, telling me i ruined his life, he had no say, but those are only on the bad days. We have been together 1 year and 1 month. our daughter is 4 months old, she was born 2 months early on may 14th 2009 3 days after i tuned 16, i had to get a C-section to. I am so very happy that i didnt get an abortion, i dont know what would have happened, i dont believe in it though taking someone elses life is murder, and i would not suggest it, adoption is always an option, but i would only recommend it to those who have no support and dont wanna put life on this earth in a bad situation. I love my baby girl she is wonderful, when i see that smile on her face that just lights up my day. Sure my boyfriend and i fight well thats what mostly every couple does yeah even the most happily married. We arent married yet but we are getting there, we are engaged, im getting my GED and going to college next year to become a pharmacy technician it will only take a year to a year in a half and i will be 19 or 20 by the time i have my first career and it will be wonderful, Miya will be 3 or 4 probably in preschool or so, and i will be thinking about maybe another baby, if my boyfriend and i are settled down and financially secure, we thought maybe this time we could plan the pregnancy and maybe it would be a boy. It is hard being a teen mom im not saying its easy but i wouldnt do anything different if i could. Miya is my life and i love her so very much. I just hope teens make the right decision, it isnt always about whats right for them, its about whats right for that baby, or the one your are carrying inside your tummy. Its the wonderful feeling, to see them smile, and the wonderful feeling to touch your tummy when they kick, i would not change it for the world.Thank you i hope people comment and talk to me, thanks for listening or reading.