Two days ago i told my parents that i am pregnant at 17. They kicked me out and i  am living with my boyfriends family now. It hurt so bad when i told them my dad screamed at ben and me he told me to get rid of it and when i said no he told me to get out my mum tried to make him calm down but it didn’t work. I got angry at him then i told him that at least i will be nice enough to my kid if i keep it to not kick them out if they were pregnant. I had already packed my bags because i knew they would kick me out so i left that night i left them a letter saying how much i loved them and how sorry i was and i left a picture of my ultrasound aswell with the sentence “this is the grandchild you just kicked out”. I feel so depressed i could barely eat the first day but then i told myself that i had to eat for the baby so i am, i still dont know what i am going to do with the baby later but if i give it up it will be a open adoption i will not abandon my baby like that. The worst part of this is the looks i get when people see me like i am a freak but i must keep strong.

Byes Charlie